Dynamic permission forms & data collection

Paper permission forms are an age old challenge for every parent and every school. Now that the majority of parents have smart phones and internet access, its time to move into the 21st century. Save lots of time speed your processes and avoid a whole host of frustrations using our dynamic permissions and data collection suite.

Dynamic permission slip builder for:

School trip digital permissions management

Parents evening management suite

Funding questionnaires to raise revenue for the school

Some benefits of digital data capture forms:

Parents can book parents evening slots

Parents can give permission for residential trips

Parents can confirm their childs attendance at an event

Schools can send parents a customisable digital questionnaire

Schools can see which parents have not yet responded to forms

Schools can quickly resend forms to non responders

Schools can generate reports on uptake of events to manage them better

Parents can digitally sign to confirm acceptance

Schools can ask parents to update contact information quickly and easily

Create your own satisfaction surveys to send out to chosen parental groups

and much much more...

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