Workflow management tools

Multi-level unified in-box

Don't stay in the darkages with old technology, move to our unique multi-level unified in-box. This allows multiple staff members or departments to have communication inboxes for specific purposes. To make life easier, if one person needs to manage more than one inbox they are unified for convenience and simplicity.

Task mangement tools

As part of a busy day we offer links within the system which will allow you to highlight tasks which you would like to complete later. Once highlighted, these will be placed conveniently in your inbox to complete later. Sometimes these small benefits can make a big difference during a busy day.

Power search

Allows you to search for any student, any communication or any part of the system you wish to use. Increasing your ease of workflow considerably.

Prioritised workflow

Use our drag and drop prioritised workflow tools to move and highlight the information that matters to you most. You can even colour code the items to match your priorities.

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